It’s a matter of focus

Where focus goes, energy flows. - Tony Robbins
On more than one occasion over the years I’ve come away disappointed with what I thought would be a great photograph ruined by one major mistake. It was out of focus. Ugh!
You would think after a lifetime of taking pictures and being an avid photographer, I would know better. It’s not like the concept is new to me. After all, I’ve won awards for my photographs and have taught classes for others to better improve their photography skills.
But focusing issues is a common mistake in photography whether you’re an amateur or professional if you’re not careful. The primary reasons are that the camera moved or the subject moved, and you didn’t adjust in time.
In leadership, we often hear that we need to see the big picture – and we do. It’s important to understand where you are, know where you are going, and set proper goals to get there. 
The broader the picture, however, the harder it is to narrow your focus on the things in your leadership that matter most. In photography, you might appreciate the big picture from an artistic point of view, but finer details and focal points can go unnoticed and underappreciated.
In your leadership, what you focus on matters. 
How can you get your leadership in focus and activate your energy? Here are a few tips.
Focusing on the daily disciplines each day advances you toward your goals. It’s normal to want to rush the process and overnight be at a level of success which took others years to attain. 
But that’s not how they achieved it, and chances are, neither will you. Don’t despise the importance of daily growth.
An essential characteristic of your leadership is found in serving others. Someone once said, “If serving is beneath you then leading is beyond you.” This is one of the most essential characteristics of leadership to learn. Understanding that it’s not about you will remove the focus from yourself to where it belongs – serving the needs of others.
Similar in nature to serving others, adding value is a key component of your leadership. Zig Ziglar said, “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want.” Adding value to others allows you to put into practice the discipline of serving others tangibly. By doing so, you are showing yourself to be a selfless leader that’s worthy of following.
As a leader, you have to know the difference between what’s important and what’s important to you. Many leaders lose their focus when it comes to priorities because they get sucked into the “tyranny of the urgent” that others create. Learning how to stay in your lane and focus on your priorities is a matter of good self-leadership. There’s a difference between adding value to others and adding to the drama. Understand the difference and stick to your priorities.
John Maxwell said, “Small disciplines repeated with consistency everyday lead to great achievements gained slowly over time.” And this is the secret sauce of focus. When you focus on being consistent with your growth and daily disciplines, you will rise in your leadership.
Famed photographer Ansel Adams said, “A good photograph is knowing where to stand.” It’s true in your leadership. Where you stand matters. And once you know where you stand, everything comes into focus.
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