Letter to the Editor - February, 4, 2021

Readers disagree with Mace impeachment vote
In her explanation of her stance on impeachment, Nancy Mace characterizes the Senate trial as a divisive partisan exercise. Note that the Senate Majority Leader and the Minority Leader did reach a bipartisan agreement to delay the trial until Feb. 9 to give Trump and his attorneys the opportunity to prepare. 
The relevant background is that, in May, Trump began claiming that the only way he would lose is if the election was “rigged.” After his defeat, he repeatedly and falsely claimed election fraud. After multiple recounts and 61 court losses, no fraud was discovered yet his Big Lie continued. He urged his supporters to come to D.C. for a “wild” rally to “Stop the Steal” where he lied that he had won the election. He urged his supporters to fight, a statement which must be viewed in the context of all his other past exhortations to violence. He told them to march on the Capital, while hiding in the White House watching TV with his lackeys. The Big Lie cost five lives.
If he escapes punishment, what will prevent a future riot which may not be as amateurish?
Mace excuses him by saying that he is out of office. But without conviction, what will prevent this man from holding future office? 
Representative Mace supported Trump throughout her campaign. It is high time she recognizes that this is not a partisan exercise, but a patriotic one. 
We wonder how Ms. Mace would be reacting if the mob had been made up of Democrats, and not Trump supporters?
Joyce and Paul Perocchi,
Daniel Island

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