Letter to the Editor - January 21, 2021

Off-leash dogs are dangerous, illegal
Dear Editor:
On Monday, Dec. 28, a family and their off-leash dog were biking at the corner of Village Crossing and Pierce. The dog approached a woman walking her dogs. She asked the man to get his dog. He replied, “Chill out,” then (made) a very cruel personal remark.
The family rode away. 
I watched that woman wipe tears, try to catch her breath, wipe more tears and bend over and hug her dogs, presumably to comfort them and herself.
To that man: I hope what you did haunts you. I hope it makes you want to become someone your family is proud of. I hope that beautiful young woman doesn’t waste one more minute thinking about what you did to her.
I’ve been in her position. I know how it feels when an off-leash dog approaches. Especially a large one. The first time was years ago. A neighbor's dog escaped and attacked ours. Recently a large off-leash dog approached again. No owner in sight. I was alone and truly terrified.
To people with off-leash dogs: First, the law requires your dog to be on a leash. Second, you do not know how another dog may react if yours approaches. You do not know how another person feels about dogs. For some people it is very scary. We all deserve to be able to enjoy walking our beautiful streets and feel safe doing it. Please, keep your dog on a leash. It’s the law. It’s the right thing to do.
Laura Carff
Daniel Island

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