Letter to the Editor-July 22, 2021

Danziger honor well deserved

There are so many “bad” things in the world these days. Poverty, gun violence, discrimination, climate change, divisiveness, violence against “the others,” warfare, etc. Who among us has not read this morning’s headlines and wished that they could do something to make things better, but end up saying, “I am only one person and what can I do.” So, they do nothing.

Not Fred Danziger. In a time when too many kids are on their Game Boys or cell phones, and lacking an appreciation of nature and the outdoors, along comes Fred Danziger and the Daniel Island Inshore Fishing Club. Ten years ago (really 11 years ago), Fred decided that he could head up an effort to get kids to enjoy at least one aspect of the outdoors – fishing. Thus came into being the Daniel Island Kids Fishing Tournament. Since then, hundreds of kids have learned the joy of fishing through the tournament. And so many volunteers and sponsors have had the “feel good” pleasure of being part of this. Not to be forgotten is that the proceeds of the tournament have been used to help a variety of nonprofits do their good work, as well.

Therefore, having the tournament renamed “The Danziger Cup Kids Fishing Tournament” is most appropriate. It leaves a legacy that hopefully will continue for many more years.

So, what can one man do to make things better in the world? Just ask Fred Danziger.

Ronald Silverman
Daniel Island

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