Letter to the Editor - July 29, 2021

In 2020, Nancy Mace boasted of her success in passing her S.C. bill which protected over 1,000 South Carolina female prison inmates should they be pregnant while in prison. I have not read how many prisoners were pregnant in S.C. prisons and just how many of those women were actually shackled during childbirth, which this bill addresses, but is this a Lowcountry priority? How many people does this affect and how real of a problem was this for them before this legislation?
In 2021, she boasted of the passage of her bill allowing federal inmates to communicate confidentially over email with their attorneys. Again, how does this make the Lowcountry a better place for the people that elected her?
Now, Nancy Mace has taken up the cause of freeing Britney Spears from her conservatorship, under the guise of conservatorship reform. The U.S. Department of Justice estimates there to be 1.3 million Americans under court-ordered conservatorships. Again, of the 331+ million Americans, this represents a very small percentage (0.39%), many of whom may actually benefit from conservatorships, so once again, Nancy Mace is representing very few people in the country. Maybe just one celebrity in this case, really. How many in the Lowcountry will benefit from this legislation? 
I’m left to ask, who does Nancy Mace represent? Because it does not seem as though she is representing the Lowcountry in the least bit. 
Chris Brown
Daniel Island

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