Letter to the Editor - May 6, 2021

Why must all PSHS graduates wear black clothes under their graduation gowns?
As Senior Class President at Philip Simmons High School, my responsibility is to be a voice for students. As we approach the end of this emotionally challenging year, a heated debate has surfaced regarding our mandated “All Black” graduation dress code.  
Despite my efforts to propose a modest revision, I will respectfully accept the policy will not change for the Class of 2021. The troubling question remains: when and how did we lose the freedom to wear khaki pants and pastel dresses under a solid gown?
Graduation should be a day to celebrate student’s accomplishments and individuality. The cap and gown tradition provides uniformity, so why should we conform with attire the audience will not see? What will the consequence be for a student whose outfit might not pass inspection at graduation practice? Will they be required to sit in the audience? Will their name still be called during the ceremony? Will our right to graduate be taken away simply because we wanted the freedom to wear an outfit under a gown that will not disrupt the sanctity and tradition of graduation?  
If you are a curious Philip Simmons parent or student, I encourage you to contact our Principal, Chris Buchholz.
I have been asked, “Why is this the hill you want to die on?” Simply stated, I want to advocate for my fellow classmates who deserve a day to honor their successes without being controlled or restricted.
Chloe Holsinger, 

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