Letter to the Editor - October 1, 2020

Mac McBride is correct in his recent letter: If you tell a lie enough times, many people will believe it. 
Donald Trump has hoodwinked much of the nation into believing he supports people of color (he’s racist), that he loves women (he loves to degrade and abuse them), that he supports the military (he’s a draft-dodger who believes captured soldiers are losers and claims he knows more than his generals), that he cares about the American economy (his programs are damaging American manufacturing and farming), that he’s shown leadership against a pandemic (he was a denier and afraid to lead), that he puts America first on the world stage (he won’t stand up to Russia’s interference or bounties on American troops), that he was a successful business person (he won’t share his tax returns, cheated his way to failure and used his foundation illegally), that he would “drain the swamp” (he brought in criminals and inept lackeys), and the list goes on.
If you vote for Trump, either you know the kind of guy he is, and your ethical compass needs calibration, or you have fallen for his lies. There is no in between.
No presidential candidate is ever perfect. Our choice in the presidential election is between Joe Biden, a fundamentally decent man who has flaws, or Trump, a fundamentally-flawed man who has no decency. I, for one, am ready again for a true statesperson in
the White House — not one who likes to play one for the camera.
Jay Karen, 
Daniel Island

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