Letters to the Editor - August 27, 2020

2020 COVID tax relief needed
Small businesses are really struggling at the moment. I am doing all that I can by shopping locally, ordering delivery from restaurants and tipping well because the hospitality industry has been devastated not only by COVID-19 but by the riots.
I would like to encourage my neighbors and friends to do the same, but obviously we can only do so much. Tragically I still see many restaurants and stores closing. This is heartbreaking and affects not only the owners but their employees.
It is wonderful that Congress is allowing businesses to deduct their COVID-related losses from their tax returns, but it makes no sense that they are unable to do so until next year.
I fully support Nancy Mace’s plan to allow small businesses to deduct these losses NOW - when they need it the most. This would be far more logical and beneficial. Sadly next year might be too late, as many of these businesses might not survive the financial burdens. They need help now. As a former small business owner I fully support this plan - and Nancy Mace for Congress.
Nancy Mace is a remarkable young woman, she is serious, incredibly hardworking and committed to protecting the Lowcountry, its businesses, cities, natural habitat and magnificent environment.
The Lowcountry needs Nancy Mace, and Congress needs a new Nancy in the House. I am an immigrant and I support Nancy.
Mara Brockbank
Support the U.S. Post Office
Formally established in 1775 and enshrined in Article I of the Constitution, the United States Postal Service has been a part of the American fabric since its founding. It plays a vital role in our daily lives whether we live in cities, small towns, or are stationed overseas. 
Recent actions taken by the current Postmaster General are extremely alarming. They include removing mail sorting machines and collection boxes, eliminating overtime, and mandating delivery trucks leave without mail and that it be held until the next day if the distribution centers are running behind. These actions, although claimed to be for cost-efficiency purposes, are all resulting in significant delays in mail delivery. There is speculation this is an intentional effort to disrupt the upcoming election where many Americans plan to vote via mail-in ballot due to safety concerns related to the COVID-19 virus. 
Politics aside, the reality is this is causing real harm right now to all of us. Many private health insurance companies require the majority of prescriptions be filled through mail-order pharmacies. The Veterans Administration also sends their prescriptions through the mail. As our economy struggles to recover, many small businesses rely on the USPS to deliver goods. Whether your mail includes a prescription, a check, a ballot or a birthday card, we should all be able to agree that we deserve the peace of mind we have always had until now that the USPS will deliver it in the timeliest manner possible. Support the USPS! 
Kimberly Cowern

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