Letters to the Editor - October 8, 2020

Jen Gibson offers real solutions
I read last week’s Point/Counterpoint with great interest, eager to hear what the Statehouse District 99 candidates had to say about Charleston-area infrastructure. Jen Gibson laid out a well-researched plan to address not only maintenance of current roads and bridges but how to thoughtfully plan for future infrastructure needs. Mark Smith, by contrast, talked about himself and his political allies but put forth no ideas for tackling the significant Charleston infrastructure issues.
District 99 has been without effective representation in the Statehouse since 2017 when Representative Merrill was indicted and resigned. Nancy Mace was elected to that seat in 2018 but has not shown up to vote about 30% of the time.
It’s time to elect someone who will work for all of us. Jen Gibson has my vote. She will be a dedicated and solutions-focused leader for District 99.
Beth Bast
Daniel Island
A vote for Mark Smith is a vote for progress
I am proud to energetically support Mark Smith for South Carolina State Assembly District 99. I encourage you to vote with me...You’re going to like what you get. Mark brings the perfect symmetry of prior heralded public service and proven business acumen. He reliably and successfully represented his constituents on the Mt. Pleasant City Council for several years while simultaneously leading a thriving and growing small business as President and CEO. This is the optimum set of skills to defeat the “status quo.” During my limited association with Mark, I quickly learned that his transmission was always in drive...moving forward.
Mark will listen, learn, react, offer solutions, and get results. This is what he has done during his entire career because it works. There is much to be accomplished in state government during the next several years. Fortunately, Mark has established solid and long-lasting relationships with leaders of local city, county, and regional government to readily assist in moving forward with a meaningful agenda. Additionally, he has developed the much needed working foundation with the “Movers and Shakers” of state government in Columbia.
As a man of faith, coupled with an enviable family and friends support group, Mark can bring his best effort to everyone in District 99.  It begins with caring and culminates with action and results we favor.  
He will always be available for our questions, concerns, complaints, and compliments. Give him a call or ask for a meeting over coffee. His website is votemarksmith.com.
Gerry Hall
Daniel Island
Reader supports Mace’s stand on law and order
I am a police officer and a retired Navy veteran. I know what it means to serve and protect my community, putting myself in danger to protect others time and time again. It was my duty and my honor. I expect to be allowed to carry out what I swore to do, especially during turmoil. I don’t know a better example of turmoil than what we saw on King Street during the riots. 
The night after the King Street Riots, I heard that Mayor Tecklenburg ordered the police officers to stand down and not serve their community. Disgraceful. And do-nothing Congressman Cunningham stood right next to him, making excuses. I’m tired of cowards putting politics before the people they represent.  
Congressman Cunningham is nowhere to be found when our police officers need support. The Charleston County Sheriff has offered to sit down with him. Congressman Cunningham’s response? Crickets. 
I was so happy to see Nancy Mace’s new ad on TV the other day about her commitment to protecting law and order in our communities. I know she’ll protect our community. I am proud to support her, and I’ll be even prouder to vote for her.
Gary Zimmer
Goose Creek

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