Meat and manners

It is very rarely “just another day” in our full, and meaty lives.
This one included trepidation about my husband’s imminent return from Costco. (You might remember our TV epidemic, right?)
So, this time it was a vacuum sealer for meat. (I’m a vegetarian.)
Plus, several enormous boxes of plastic bags to use with the sealer and of course, way too many ridiculously large strip steaks. (Have I ever mentioned how much I adore cows? Truly.) Also, two dozen gorgeous roses – I do love that part of his trips to Costco.
Keep in mind, he doesn’t eat red meat very often, and I, of course, never do. 
“I think you’re going to use this all the time,” he was bubbling over with enthusiasm. 
He laid everything out on the kitchen island, including the bloody meat and way too many pages of directions for the machine. He then realized that he was late for physical therapy (darn) and “would I just (please) read the instructions and seal the meat?”
What he found when he returned home was that I would not.
I did put the meat on a platter in the refrigerator. (Note to self: Need Lysol wipes and a new fridge box of baking soda.)
I purposely left the room when he got busy figuring out this mess. He was frustrated, to say the least. The plan was that the meat was going to be frozen for when our kids came home and that was still several weeks away. 
Protest in the planning – me wearing a “gaga-esque” dress made of rotting meat if he didn’t figure it out soon. I could have helped. 
I was the one who took the test in high school that predicted I would become a mechanic – a skill that was in high demand when our kids were young. Somehow, he could navigate the human body (retired surgeon), but putting together a kid’s bike gave him hives.
Flash forward, the kids oohed and ahhed about his perfectly grilled steaks. They said everything he needed to hear. Mission accomplished – meat sealing machine making its way to the rear of a cabinet and our freezer is back to veggies, sprouted grain bread, gelato, herbs and things that make me smile.
The other night at a dinner party, the pros and cons of having an air fryer was one topic of discussion. I saw that gleam in his eyes. 
I knew that two dozen Costco roses and a new appliance were in my near future. Actually, I could be down with an air fryer. But I think I’ll let him “surprise” me. Stay tuned.
P.S. Another trip to Costco. No air fryer yet, but two more “replacement” TV’s and – two dozen gorgeous roses.

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