Oh Captain, my Captain...

I promise that I have permission to write this story.
For 43 years I have loved and admired his confidence which has only grown over the years. He’s been my rock — he says I have been his.  
But I must say that I steer clear of his cockiness when it comes to maneuvering moving machines (other than cars – he’s a great driver)
It all started on our honeymoon. We were in Athens and both lusting after the idea of zooming around the city on a motorbike, or whatever those things are called. He said, “No problem” and rented us one. Blindly in love, I hopped on the back. I’ll spare you the details but just say that we never even made it to the street. Thank goodness the only casualty was a tree that was totally uprooted.  
There were many other vehicles over the years — even race car driving school. I just bit my nails on the sidelines.
Fast forward to our first year on Daniel Island and his membership in the boat club. He even bought a small boat from his brother. Being honest, I only saw the boat when it was parked in our garage. He did talk other people into going out with him — including our kids. That was the trip when the tide was too low and they just sat out on the water in the scorching heat for several hours. I remember the scathing conversation at the dinner table that night.
Eventually the boat club membership went by the wayside as he ran out of victims — I mean companions.
As of late, his golf game hasn’t been up to par, and the boat club moved to DI, so guess who re-joined? Since we have been here for quite some time now, his list of victims, I mean companions, has grown considerably. Some of them even have boating experience.
Usually, the boat that he uses for the afternoon is all ready to go, but on this fateful day it was parked (docked?) a few rows back in between several other boats. He confidently (that word!) got behind the wheel with two buddies onboard, went forward and hit the boat in front of him. 
Then in reverse he hit the boat behind him. Also hit the two boats on either side before a young man who worked at the boat club jumped on board to help him and dropped his cell phone in the water during the process. 
The cost of a new cell phone and our insurance deductible sure have added up.  
One of his buddies said that the whole process took about 40 seconds. May as well have been 43 years back to that long dead tree in Athens. 
When he came home and told me the story, he was mortified and said he was going to quit the boat club. Going against every fiber in my being I convinced him to get back out there.  
“That’s not who you are.”  
“Will you go out there with me?” he replied.  
“Umm, no.” I answered.
Well, he’s back out there and his friends have rallied around him.
He’s learning how to maneuver the boat in and out of tight spaces and enjoying every minute. I heard him talking to our son about taking him out when he comes to visit. I think I’ll leave that between the two of them.  
I also heard him mention something to someone about flying lessons — oh captain, your captain. 

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