Poll: Readers weigh in on the demolition of Publix on DI

Poll question: It was recently announced that Publix on Daniel Island will finally begin its expansion in the next two years, but the community was surprised that it would mean the current location would be shut down and demolished prior to the new construction, leaving the island without a full-service grocer during the process. (Read the full story at bit.ly/3PGKKXz). The inconvenience of going off-island to grocery shop has some residents concerned. Where will you shop when the DI Publix shutters? 
Comments: Where will you shop and what are your concerns?
Read full lists of comments from this and past surveys online at bit.ly/45vehL9
• You can’t please some people. Everyone complains our store was too small, and now that it’s being enlarged, people are complaining about the closure. You can get to 3 others within or less than 10 mins – nothing screams “spoiled” more than this non-issue.
• Poorly planned and executed by all parties. Imagine an island of 15,000 people with no grocery store for 18-24 months. The City of Charleston blew this deal up several years ago. Many have already gone off island to grocery shop and probably won’t return to DI Publix. Parking will become a big issue with a 50,000 sq. ft. store. Accident looking for a place to happen. Opportunity missed to do something right.
• Whole Foods Mount Pleasant
• What happens to all of the employees???
• My concern is for anyone who is only able to walk to Publix for their groceries and the Publix employees who will be displaced for 2 years.
• Most likely Walmart and Publix in Mount Pleasant
• Whole Foods, Publix-Park West (near Costco)
• My mom who is 89 only shops at the island Publix, as she cannot drive on highways. This change impacts her in a very dramatic way!
• Trader Joe’s
• I think it would put Publix in great light with the DI residents if they offered free delivery from the Hope Point location during the construction time. It’s such a small gesture that could go far for them.
• I do not have any concerns. This is temporary. I look forward to shopping at the new Publix when construction is complete. Thank you!
• It is outrageous and wasteful to destroy the existing building. I will not go to the new store. Evidently they do not care about the folks on the island nor the employees that work there currently. What a shame! Commercialism at its worst!!
• In person Whole Foods - it’s cheaper than DI Publix anyway.
• So many convenient options and who doesn’t already go to Costco, Trader Joe’s and other stores? The worst will be worth it!
• Honestly, no idea how we will get food.
• It’s incomprehensible that a business (and the only one) should be required to raze its building to expand. Loss of revenue, loss of store affinity is a significant load to ask a business to bear. ARB requirements driving this should be reviewed at least and jettisoned at best.
• I have no concerns. It’s only a temporary issue and we will have a much larger grocery store when construction is completed.
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