Readers speak out on Charleston’s race for mayor

Poll question: Locally, the 2023 elections do not include national-level races, which can mean a lack of interest and lower voter turnout. But one very important race that deserves everyone’s attention is that of Charleston mayor. What do you think is the most important issue the candidates need to address? 

Residential/commercial property development 30%
Economic/business development/jobs 15%
Flooding issues 15%
Affordable housing 5%
Crime & safety 5%
Other 30%
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• Rate of pay for city employees does not come close to cost of living.
• Over-building of residential properties especially on Daniel Island. Let’s not lose the beautiful trees, nature & neighboring marshes which are not only an important resource but one of the reasons that makes the Charleston area so special and why people moved here.
• For the #1 city in America, and one of the tops in the world, this city has serious issues. Infrastructure. It is ridiculous how developers continue to clear cut all trees and build on every inch available. On top of that, they continue to build condos/apartments. The infrastructure cannot handle the influx and it is a joke that the government cannot rectify the situation. 
• Flooding issues, resiliency, sustainable development. Charleston has an opportunity and an obligation to shore up its defenses to mitigate the effects of “sunny day flooding,” hurricanes and sea level rise. The city needs to do so in a sustainable manner, incorporating natural solutions, while protecting all of the communities that make the Lowcountry so very special.
• Traffic - Unbridled growth has caused traffic gridlock throughout the Lowcountry. Where is the planning to ensure adequate infrastructure is in place to accommodate growth? Crime - look what happened during the riots on King Street. Why weren’t the police able to get the mobs under control prior to the damage and looting in King Street?
• Time to put the brakes on all of this development.
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