Readers Speak Out: Golf Cart Concerns

The City of Charleston has announced that it will begin enforcing the registration of golf carts starting in March. What other concerns about golf cart use should the city address?


• Is it time to end the use of golf carts on Daniel Island? There are way too many underage kids driving their parents’ golf carts and they are typically overloaded with other underage kids, although parents overload their golf carts too. Saw a cart overloaded and the adult male driver, had a baby standing in his lap with the child holding the steering wheel (no child car seat in sight on that golf cart). One little bump or spike of the breaks and that child would have gone flying. Also with all of the building on DI there is a tremendous amount of traffic and cars on the island. The golf carts are slowing down and impeding the normal flow of traffic, which backs up traffic all the way down Seven Farms from DI Drive to 526 entrance. I realize many times it’s harder to take something away than to implement something new, but it’s time to eliminate golf carts on DI before lives are lost. Enough is enough.

Next Week's survey: minimum wage increase

The stipulation of a $15 minimum wage was a contentious issue as Congress considered the latest COVID relief package now under review by the Senate. Whether or not it was appropriate as part of that piece of legislation, in general, do you think the federal minimum wage should be raised? Share your thoughts at or use the QR code by Sunday, March 7, 5 p.m.

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