Readers speak out on presidential debates

The first debate of the 2024 Presidential Election was held June 27. Did you watch the debate?
Comments: Do you think debates change voters’ minds?
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• I believe true independents may have been swayed but hard core Dems and Republicans will vote how they vote.
• Not at all. I think the debate was more for ratings than anything else. Until there are moderators trained for these events who aren’t TV personalities looking for headlines, and fact checking is ongoing and used during the broadcast, the debates are nearly pointless. Anyone can just stand there and say whatever they want with no rules. Debate coaches would be ashamed of these events.
• No, for the most part, the sheepeople have already decided. The values and overall mindset are so misaligned in this country. … I am sad for my children. The greatest joy in my life. They have to deal with the crap that the previous generation left them. I’m jaded, as I don’t think things will get better in my lifetime, or theirs.
• Not at all. These shouldn’t even be called debates. Questions are rarely answered, there’s too much repetition, moderators can’t stick to the rules (neither will candidates). These things would be better if run by actual debate teachers from academic institutions.
• Sometimes. Probably not this debate.
• Perhaps at the margin.
• No (Editor’s note: There were four “no” responses.)
• Yes (Editor’s note: There were three “yes” responses.)

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