Readers speak out on school calendar changes

The Berkeley County School District is weighing three options for a new school calendar, with earlier start dates (Aug. 8 or Aug. 14) and changes the number and timing of breaks provided throughout the year.
Classes would still conclude at the end of May. (Read the story about all the changes online at
In 2023, classes began Aug. 21. 
We asked our readers via our weekly online poll: Do you think starting school at the beginning of August is too early? The color coded results are below:
Yes, Aug. 8 is too early to start. 23%
No, but Aug. 14 would be ok. 22%
No, later August as it has been is better. 27%
Other 28%
Reader Comments: 
We asked readers to share with us their thoughts for holiday breaks and start dates. Below is what we heard (to read all the comments for this and past surveys, go online to
• Completely baffled by why BCSD releases their schedule so late in the year. Doing so with such a big change in start date is completely unacceptable. Families everywhere else – including those in CCSD, which released its calendar before the holidays – have been able to plan their summer camps and family vacations for months. While I appreciate BCSD allowing families to weigh in on the academic calendar, this process needs to start MUCH earlier.
• Consider starting after Labor Day.
• These kids need more breaks throughout the year! Start them back early and give them more breaks. Most districts are doing this!
• Start date should be later August with the full week off for Thanksgiving. 90% of the parents on DI would agree; not sure who is making these calendars but they are clearly not parents and are missing the mark big time.
• Survey should come out seeking what dates and vacations are priorities to family. Then make the calendar based on that feedback.
• School should start right in the middle of August, not in the first week though.
• More year round to match up with work schedules
• Kids are having less and less summer breaks. Summer breaks are so important for kids to decompress. It’s also important family time. I would prefer having longer breaks with my kids when the weather is nice vs. having random breaks throughout the school year.
• They should start the day after Labor Day and end on the last non-weekend day in May. These kids get too many breaks. These breaks complicate child care while trying to coordinate with work schedules. 
• Kids need to be in school.
• August is so hot here so they might as well be in school - the earlier they start the better!
• Let’s start Aug. 8.
• As a working parent, it is hard enough to find full-day day camps. The earlier the better!
• The earlier the better
• Way too early.
Next week’s Poll: Celebrate Leap Day - Yay or Nay?
You know that saying, “24/7/365”? Well, it doesn’t work for 2024, as leap year adds an extra day to the calendar. Since leap years coincide with presidential election years, some more cynical might say the extra day is to extend the campaign season. But the 366th day is added to keep the calendar year in sync with the astronomical year or seasonal year, since a year according to the Gregorian calendar (365 days) and a year according to Earth’s orbit around the Sun are one day off, according to the Farmer’s Almanac. 
So what will you do with an “extra” day on Feb. 29? Share your plans, or lack thereof, with us at or use the QR code by Sunday, Feb. 25, at 5 p.m. And if you (or someone in your family) is a leap-year baby, tell us how you celebrate that birthday.

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