Straight from the newspaper’s mouth

20 years old? Still the life of the party?
I’m not a teenager anymore.
For humans, of course, entering one’s 20s is a major milestone, a defined step into adulthood. But for me, as a weekly newspaper, it feels like I’ve been an adult all my life. The fact is, from the day I was born (Oct. 30, 2003), I’ve been working. 
This may sound a touch braggadocious, but in my 20 years I’ve never missed a week! No sick days, no unexcused absences, never slept through the alarm (well, there was that time that Ms. Katrina delayed my delivery – hurricanes and pandemics will do that to you). 
But it’s a record I’m incredibly proud of, and I couldn’t have done it without the help of my enormously talented family.  
Perhaps it’s every teenager’s song, but it seems that life was easier for my parents. They didn’t have to deal with 24/7 newscasts – no internet, no social media, no cable news channels. When radio and TV came along, I’m sure my grandparents worried that people might leave us, and turn away. But they didn’t, and they haven’t.
They still trust us.
That’s not to say we don’t err on occasion, but in what other line of work do you put yourself on display, week after week, for all to see? It’s not easy being read. 
Of late, I’ve been thinking about my ancestors. Our family tree, here in the States, goes back to 1704 when John Campbell (on my mother’s side) became the postmaster of Boston and published the Boston News-Letter. By the turn of the century there were 200 of us being published in the United States. By the Civil War, our family
grew to 3,000.  
It’s true that many of my cousins have passed on, from a variety of ailments, but we certainly have longevity in our bloodlines. When Uncle Post and Aunt Courier married, previously independent papers, they began a historic relationship. Now celebrating their 220th anniversary, I’m proud to be a member of that family. 
The family gathers, now and then, to share stories and tell tales, and to make certain we stay true to our mission – to deliver the news, without bias or intent. Just the news, thank you. That’s what my family has always done, and plans to always do. 
Thank you for keeping the family alive. 
Editor’s note: Since newspapers can’t really talk, contributing writer Steve Ferber “transcribed” The Daniel Island News’ “interview.”

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