Brody gets back in the saddle

Cold and windy are the best description for fishing conditions on Saturday. Gale force winds made targeting redfish in the shallows nearly impossible. However, I had a secret weapon that put the odds in my favor. 
Brody the amazing fish-finding, and stock-trading dog is back! While not fully recovered, the vet gave him permission to fish.
It was so nasty on Saturday, that I did not plan to fish. But, after a two-week break from fishing, Brody was following me around the house carrying his life jacket. So, I called Elliott and we planned to fish the lower stages of the tide later in the day. We were hoping that low tide would provide some protection from the wind.  
We were wrong.  
The wind was so strong that my 112-pound thrust trolling motor could not hold the Pathfinder against the wind and tide. Brody was not even looking for fish. He was hunkered down behind the console trying to keep warm. After a couple of uncomfortable and fishless hours, we decided to quit.
On the ride back to the dock, I remembered a small shallow area in a small creek on a tree-lined bank. It usually holds a redfish or two. So, we made a slight detour.  
Once in the small creek, conditions improved considerably. I deployed the trolling motor. Thankfully, it was able to operate against the wind. Brody took up his normal fish-finding position on the bow and we began casting Z-Man Finesse TRD lures to the leeward shoreline. As we approached a large oyster bar, Brody became agitated. I told Elliott I was about to catch a fish and fired a cast to the bar. Boom! Fish on.  
It was not particularly large, but we were all very happy. Especially Brody. He kept trying to lick and bite the fish, even when we were releasing it. As Elliott took a picture, he commented, “that is one happy dog.”
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