Cobia and shark fishing start to heat up in May

In May, the number of available fish species really begins to pick up. Two of my favorite species that become available in May are cobia and sharks.  
With the commercial shrimp season now open, catching sharks behind the trawlers should be easy and fun. Cobia will be showing up (if they are not already) near live bottom ledges and artificial reefs. Both species are big and tough fighters. 
When targeting cobia and sharks, a tackle upgrade is needed. I prefer a 7-foot Shimano Terez medium heavy spinning rod paired with a Saragosa 6,000 frame reel. The Saragosa is spooled with 30-pound PowerPro. Terminal tackle consists of a 50-pound fluorocarbon leader and a Mustad 6/0 circle hook.  
Step 1: Catch some Menhaden or mullet for bait. We are targeting big fish, so the baits need to be at least 5-inches long. In a pinch, you can use frozen mullet.
Step 2: Position your boat a safe distance behind a shrimper or over an artificial reef.  
Step 3: Place bait on the circle hook and free-line behind your boat.
Step 4: Wait for the rod to bend and reel to scream. It should not take very long.
However, in order to comfortably target these species from my Pathfinder, I need for the wind and sea state to calm down. Recently, it has been brutally windy, and the nearshore waters have been rough. So, no cobia or shark fishing for Brody (the amazing fishing-finding and stock-trading dog) or me.  
With nearshore fishing blown out, I have been cleaning and preparing tackle. For heaven’s sake, I even did yard work! Brody has been mostly sleeping on the sofa.
On the next calm day, Brody and I will be fishing the nearshore waters for cobia and sharks. Our tackle will be well prepared, and Brody will be well rested.  
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