Day trading vs. fishing: Brody shares his tips

For me, March is the most difficult month to fish. This March will be especially difficult as Brody (the amazing fish-finding and stock-trading dog), is taking the month off.  
A few weeks ago, Brody crushed the GameStop trade. Now, all he wants to do is eat steak and nap in the early spring sun. Trade stocks? Been there, done that. Find fish? Nope, but another steak sounds good.  
Thankfully, before completely checking out, Brody put together a list of March fishing tips.
Fishing tip No. 1: Take a moment to look around. It is spring in the Lowcountry.  
Fishing tip No. 2: It is important to have a plan. On sunny days, mud minnows and finger mullet will congregate around oyster bars in shallow water. Trout and redfish will be there as well. Looking for an easy meal? Plan to fish around shallow oyster bars on warm and sunny days. Speaking of plans, the best time to shop for steaks is
first thing in the morning.  
Fishing tip No. 3: Buy some insect repellent. The fish may not be hungry, but the gnats always are. I am feeling a little hungry as well. Can you make a reservation for one at the club? I promise to bring you a doggie bag!  
Fishing tip No. 4: If you do not catch any fish, refer to fishing tip No. 1.  
It has been my hope that Brody would tire from living a life of leisure. Things are not looking good. It seems steaks and naps agree with him. So, Brody’s time on the boat will be limited. 
As for me? I am going fishing but first I need to go shopping for some steaks.
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