A fish scale doesn’t lie

Brody is fully recovered from being bitten on the ear by another dog. He is especially happy that he no longer needs to wear his “fish-finding radar” cone. 
However, Brody is highly upset that beef jerky is no longer a part of his diet. I appreciate everyone withholding beef jerky gifts from Brody. It is helping him (and me) to become healthier.  
Brody is already beginning to slim down. Me, not so much. 
The other day, I went surfing. The water was a bit chilly, so I wore a black wetsuit. Sadly, I could hear people on the beach asking if I was a beached whale and should they roll me back into the water. Discouraging. Very discouraging. 
With beach season upon us, I have a lot of work to do. So, if you see Brody and me fishing and want to give us a treat, broccoli is preferred.  
As it turns out, if you concentrate on fishing (and not eating) you actually catch more fish. Last Saturday, Brody and I loaded up the skiff with tackle, lures and broccoli. We launched into the last hour of the falling tide. Our plan was to target redfish at dead low tide and then switch to trout when the tide came back in. 
After a few minutes of looking, we located a school of redfish holding near a submerged oyster bar. I cast a Z-Man Finesse TRD on a 1/6-ounce NedLockZ jig to the school and hooked up. It was not particularly large. Brody commented “looks like a redfish, but only smaller.”
The no beef jerky diet is making him passive aggressive.
A bit further down the bank, there was a small creek that was still draining water. We caught a trout and flounder in the mouth of the small creek to complete our inshore slam. 
We took a selfie of us with the flounder. Before releasing the fish, we looked at the picture to make sure it was clear. Brody said we should take another picture because I looked fat in this one. No beef jerky makes for a passive aggressive fishing companion.
Do I really look fat?
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