Fishing success and joy can be found at a slow pace

Thanks to all who reached out and sent notes of encouragement as I recuperate from a heart attack. I appreciate your thoughts, prayers, and kindness. While I am not fishing as much as usual, I am fishing, albeit under the tight supervision of Elliott (my son) and Brody (the amazing fish-finding and stock-trading dog).
On Saturday morning, I asked Brody if he wanted to go fishing. Typically, he responds by running to the back door and waiting for me. However, this time, Brody gave me a quizzical look and then jumped on the sofa. I took this to mean he wanted me to rest. So, I sat down next to him, and we watched fishing shows together.  
A couple of hours later, Elliott stopped by. He suggested, instead of watching fishing on TV we should actually go fishing. With that, Brody jumped up and ran to the back door. I figured it was time to go fishing.  
When I opened the back door, Brody ran out and jumped into the golf cart. I figured he did not want me to walk the length of the dock to the skiff. Elliott looked at me and shrugged. Then he sat down next to Brody in the golf cart. So, I did the same. Riding down the dock, I figured this was my new normal, bossed around by my son and my dog.
As we loaded the skiff, Elliott took the helm and pointed me to the passenger chair. More of my new normal. After a short ride to a shallow area that was teeming with redfish, Elliott and Brody took control of the trolling motor. 
I picked up a rod rigged with Z-Man Finesse TRD on a 1/5-ounce NedLockZ jig. When we got into casting distance of the redfish, I cast to the edge of the school. A redfish ate the lure and proceeded to put up a tough fight. Brody barked encouragement. Elliott prepared to land the fish. 
When the redfish came to the boat, we took a quick picture and released it. I expected Elliott and Brody to say it was time to go home. They surprised me by urging us to catch a few more. I gladly obliged.

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