Fishing trip was on fire - literally

Do you believe in magic? I do. 
Every fall, as the water temperature drops, something magical takes place. Shrimp and baitfish leave the creeks, but the water is still sufficiently warm that the metabolism of trout and redfish has not yet slowed down. They want to feed aggressively but have very
little to eat. When this happens, trout and redfish will literally eat anything that will fit in their mouths. It is not unusual to catch and release 50 to 100 fish in a day.  
Like I said, it is magic, and it is happening right now. Depending upon the weather, the magic time will last a week or two.  Do not miss it!  
On Friday, the trout bite was on fire. My brother Dave and I launched the Pathfinder at dead high tide. Our plan was to cast lures around submerged marsh points and oyster bars. Trout congregate in these areas hoping the falling tide will bring them an easy meal.  
With very little shrimp and baitfish around, the trout were crushing our lures soon as they hit the water. We started out casting Z-Man Finesse TRD lures on 1/6-ounce NedLockZ jigs and were catching keeper-size trout on just about every cast. It was just too easy.
So, we started casting different lures to see if the fish had a preference. Nope. They ate everything we threw at them.
It was magical fishing. Until my trolling motor caught on fire! I have been fishing a long time and this was the first time I had to deal with a fire on my boat. Thankfully, the circuit breaker cut power to the trolling motor and the fire went out. I made a note to store the fire extinguisher in a more accessible place.
The trout bite was figuratively on fire and my trolling motor was literally on fire. Magical and exciting fishing. What more can an angler ask for?
Contact Captain Greg Peralta at or call 843-224-0099.
December in Charleston is mostly about redfish and trout, and this should continue to be an outstanding season for both species. As the water clears it will be easier to visually locate big schools of redfish on low tide, and they will eat both artificial lures and live bait. There will also be some fish caught around docks. The trout bite is already excellent but more big fish should be caught in December. With shrimp and baitfish harder to find this month trout should only get hungrier.
South Carolina Department of Natural Resources report is from Redfin Charters and Captain Rob Bennett.

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