The greatest catch of all is spending time together

The other day, my son (Elliott) and I were eating breakfast at Mpishi. I have an affinity for their pancakes. Elliott loves the fried fish sandwich. Yes, you can order a fish sandwich for breakfast!  
While waiting for our food to arrive, Elliott observed that he had over 28,000 fishing pictures on his phone. I checked my phone and had over 15,000 fishing pictures. That is a lot of pictures and memories. We spent the next few minutes looking at pictures and asking each other, remember this?
Surprisingly, our recollection of each picture was vivid. Time, place, people, technique, and species of fish immediately came to mind. As our breakfast arrived, I found a picture of Elliott, my brother (Dave) and I celebrating a catch with a cold beer. In the photo we were clearly ecstatic but Elliott nor I could recall what catch we were celebrating. We set that question aside and devoured our breakfast.
Later that day, Brody (the amazing fish-finding and stock-trading dog) and I were sitting on the dock enjoying the sunshine. I showed Brody the picture of Elliott, Dave, and me and then asked if he remembered? He shook his head no and went back to sleep. However, the question of what we were celebrating kept rolling around in my mind. Then it hit me, the species of fish we were celebrating did not matter. After catching and releasing thousands and thousands of fish together, our greatest catch was time. Time together.  
Fishing is not about catching. It is about spending time with the people you care about. As we gather with our families and friends for Thanksgiving, sneak out and go fishing. You are assured of the greatest catch of all. Time. Time together.
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