More daylight, more time for fishing

Daylight saving time begins at 2 a.m. on March 14. What does this mean for anglers? More time to fish!  
With an extra hour of daylight, late afternoon fishing is once again a possibility. The water temperature is rising, and baitfish are returning to the creeks. So, I am getting ready to start top water fishing. There is nothing better than being on the water at sunset and having a redfish or trout explode on your top water lure.  Be warned, it is highly addictive.
This year, my top water lures of choice are the Heddon Zara Spook Junior and Shimano Colt Sniper Walk 95F. Both of these lures weight 1/2-ounce, much heavier than the lures I usually fish. So, I am adding a couple of 7-foot medium action rods with 3000 frame reels to my arsenal. The reels will be spooled with 10-pound PowerPro braid. I recommend adding a two-foot leader of 15-pound monofilament. Do not use a fluorocarbon leader as it sinks and dampens the movement of a top water lure.
A twitch, twitch, pause retrieve cadence works well for both the Zara Spook and Colt Sniper. When the water temperature is below 68 degrees, a slower cadence seems to get more strikes. Don’t be afraid to let the lure sit for several seconds on the pause. Some of my most memorable top water strikes occurred when I got distracted and let the lure sit for a long time. Experiment with the cadence. The fish will tell you what they want that day.
Top water pro tip: Smash down the barbs on the treble hooks of your lures. This makes releasing fish much easier. It also makes releasing yourself much less painful. Take my word for it. Smash down those barbs.
Brody is still on hiatus from finding fish and trading stocks. Since he is not working, the concept of fishing after work seems pretty silly to him. Don’t let Brody deter you. Go fishing after work!
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