Reviving tradition with the first fish of the year

Just before the New Year, Brody injured his right front leg. He is going to be OK, but the vet says to keep him off the boat for two weeks. Needless to say, I am a little lost without his fish-finding skills.  Thankfully, he can still trade stocks.  
On New Year’s Day, Elliott and I reinstated our long-standing tradition of fishing together on Jan. 1. 
While I was incredibly happy to be fishing with Elliott, it felt a little odd leaving Brody at home. 
As we launched the Pathfinder, Elliott asked if I could find fish without the amazing fish-finding and stock-trading dog. Earlier that morning, I was wondering exactly the same thing. So, I traded Brody a New York strip breakfast for fishing location information. He said that the warm conditions would have the trout feeding in the shallows adjacent to depth transitions.  
As it turns out, there is a place like this just down the creek from the house. After a short run, I deployed the trolling motor and began looking for fish on the depth sounder. As promised, a bunch of fish were holding at the top of the depth transition. I positioned the boat to keep our lures in the two- to four-foot depth range and cast a Z-Man Finesse TRD. Soon as the lure hit the bottom, a trout ate it. The fish was not particularly large, but it was the first fish of 2021.
For the next few hours, Elliott and I fished according to Brody’s advice. We caught and released a bunch of trout.  
On the ride back to the dock, I wondered aloud how we would find fish tomorrow. Elliott said we need to buy more steaks.
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