Rookie fisher competes in tourney and is hooked

Sometimes, it takes a village to catch a fish.
This was the case for Shannon Elarton during the Daniel Island Inshore Fishing Club spring tournament. Shannon is a new member of the club with limited fishing experience. She entered the tournament as a non-boat angler and was assigned to fish on Jody Harwell’s boat.
On the day before the tournament, Shannon went to Haddrell’s Point Tackle to purchase an inshore fishing outfit. The folks at Haddrell’s Point were super helpful and got Shannon setup with the appropriate gear.
On tournament day, Jody and Shannon were joined by Steve Shelton. On the ride to the first fishing spot, Shannon told Jody and Steve that she was not comfortable casting a spinning rod. Upon arrival at the fishing spot, Steve helped Shannon with her casting technique.
Soon, she was casting like a pro.
Jody positioned her boat within easy casting distance of a dock that is known to hold redfish. Shannon cast a Carolina rig baited with cut mullet to the dock pilings and waited for a bite. Then waited and waited and waited.
Steve told Shannon: The fish always bite when you decide to eat something. So Shannon decided to eat a snack. Steve was right. In mid-snack, Shannon’s new rod bent over sharply, and a big fish was on!
Jody and Steve coached Shannon how to fight the fish. The excitement level was through the roof. The fish put up a tough battle, and for several minutes, it was unclear who would win.
Eventually, a big redfish came to the net. Everyone on the boat was ecstatic. After a couple of quick pictures, Shannon and Steve measured and released the fish: 30 inches. The biggest fish Shannon had ever caught!
It was also the biggest fish of the tournament. Shannon is the spring tournament champion.
Sometimes, it takes a village to catch a fish. That is the magic of fishing.
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