Thankful for great catches, family, friends and a stock-trading dog

Every year about this time, I scroll through all the pictures on my phone. It reminds me of how lucky I am and how thankful I should be. Great catches. Family. Friends. A fish finding and stock trading dog. There are literally thousands of pictures. Each one captures a specific experience and brings back a treasured memory. Some make me laugh. Some make me cry. I am thankful for each one.
In fishing pictures, everyone is smiling, laughing and happy. Even Brody, the fish-finding and stock-trading dog, looks happy. Perhaps this is the magic of fishing. It creates great memories and makes people happy. As we enter the holiday season, I encourage you to take a moment and look through the pictures on your phone. Laugh. Cry. Be thankful.
The recent cold spell dropped the water temperature. Redfish and trout are now forming large schools and feeding aggressively. Look for redfish in shallow areas with lots of oyster bars. They will be patrolling bars looking for finger mullet and mud minnows. Trout will be doing the same thing in slightly deeper water. Both will be eating in preparation for a long and lean winter.  For the next few weeks, fishing and catching will be synonymous.  
This time of year, it pays to run and gun. I will typically make five to 10 casts per location. If I do not catch fish, I feel pretty sure they are not there and move to the next location. The redfish and trout are highly concentrated. Literally, hundreds of fish in a school. So, keep moving until you find them.  
If you go fishing, you will catch fish. When you do, take a few pictures and be thankful.
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