Connected leadership stems from the roots

Humans are social beings and we are happier, and better, when we are connected to others. – Peter Bloom
I came across a story about how a tree stump in New Zealand keeps itself alive by holding onto the roots of its neighboring trees, exchanging water and resources through its grafted roots system. 
Though the remnant appears dead, a grafting of roots underground connects the part that looks dead to the healthy trees. 
I found this story to be inspiring by the way the tree stump stayed alive by being grafted to the other trees around it. 
That story says a lot about the importance of how healthy leaders stay connected to the sources that give them the greatest opportunities for growth. In leadership, it’s imperative to learn this lesson early. 
What does a connected leader look like? What sets them apart from other leaders? Consider these five advantages of being a connected leader.
A connected leader has greater momentum
Ask any leader or look at the one commodity of any organization and momentum is one of those things that once you have can lift you to new levels. By yourself, creating momentum is a challenge. Within the confines of being connected, it’s much easier to attain and keep going.
If you are a leader who’s lacking momentum, consider your level of connectedness to those around you who can give you that confidence that comes with momentum.
A connected leader has greater resources
A great advantage of being a connected leader is that you have greater resources at your disposal. 
It empowers and equips you in ways that you’d never experience otherwise. 
If you are a leader who is lacking in resources, then consider the advantages of being a part of something larger than yourself and resources that can elevate your leadership.
A connected leader has greater accountability
One of the most important advantages you can have in leadership is to be surrounded and associated with a group of people that will support you and hold you accountable. While many may resist it, it’s the one thing that will help you the most.
A “Lone Ranger” leader who is not accountable is one that can easily squander their potential. Accountable leaders are growing leaders.
A connected leader has greater influence
Ultimately, a leader who is connected to a team of other like-minded people significantly increases their potential in ways never previously imagined. This kind of influence is a game-changer in how it impacts the lives of others, increases the mission and vision of their organization, and has the capacity to grow more leaders in the process.
If you are a leader who seriously wants to increase your influence then be a leader that’s connected to something greater than yourself.
A connected leader has greater rewards
This is the culmination of what being a connected leader is all about. Ultimately, being a connected leader is not about what’s in it for you but rather what you, as a connected leader, can do for others. It’s about how you and your life-minded tribe can add value to others and be the leaders you were destined to become. 
If you are a leader who has a desire for greater rewards, then consider the mindset of a leader connected to a cause and purpose greater than you.
Final Thoughts
What you stand to gain by being a connected leader is far greater than anything you think you might lose by going it alone. The truth is, we need each other, and leaders who are connected to one another have that advantage. You weren’t meant to do life alone – get connected and see the difference it can make in your leadership.
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