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Philip Simmons High School graduate kicks off a new business venture
Searching for that special sneaker? 
Want to have some fun buying your next pair of kicks? 
Head over to Kick It Kicks, a cutting edge sneaker establishment located in Mount Pleasant Towne Center at 1113 Market Center Boulevard. 
Be warned: This is not your father’s sneaker store – this place was designed with fun in mind and aims to appeal to all generations. It carries new and pre-owned sneakers, clothing and accessories. And, it makes sneaker buying an experience.
Inside customers can kick back and play a vintage Pac-Man arcade game, shoot some hoops, or  try their luck on the claw machine, where you have the chance to win a key to open up one of the six lockers filled with everything from designer sneakers to signed football cards.
Putting his best foot forward, Lucas Taylor, a 2023 graduate of Philip Simmons High School, opened the brick-and-mortar shop last year. 
The teenage entrepreneur has always been a fan of fashion, especially when it comes to sneakers. The shop carries a wide variety of sneakers, including Nike, Yeezy, New Balance, Supreme, Off-White and Essentials.
Sneaker sales are not a new game for the 19-year-old. Taylor has been selling sneakers to friends and on eBay since middle school. 
“Buying and trading clothes and shoes has always been a passion of mine. From a young age I have followed and looked up to other sneaker stores that vibe with this same business model,” he said. “When my family and I would take trips over the years to places like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago we would spend a lot of our time in these types of stores, which definitely encouraged my vision.”
The young store owner is maybe picking the perfect time to jump into the growing market. Reselling sneakers was once a niche market but is now a thriving enterprise across the globe. Cowen Equity Research estimates the sneaker resale business could reach $30 billion globally by 2030.  Taylor is excited to be part of the growing community. 
“We support all resell businesses like ours and consider them family. Sneakerheads and the sneaker game has gone from their own culture to mainstream in the last 10 years,” he said. “I am really excited to bring this fresh concept to my hometown for everyone to enjoy. My goal with Kick It Kicks is to stay true to the sneaker community. Always have fun, maintain a positive environment and good vibes in the store. I plan to have multiple locations one day.”
Currently his favorite sneaker is the Travis Scott SB Dunk Low. “It has a special box. It has the bandana panels. One swoosh is pink and one swoosh black,” he explained. 
And the shoe that would fulfill his “sole” – his personal holy grail?   
“The ultimate sneaker to own would be the Paris dunks. It’s rumored that there’s only been 150 made. They are worth $100,000,” Taylor said.
Taylor’s parents, Jessica and Dylan, are supportive of their son. Even as an elementary school student he was honing his skills selling items to fellow classmates. His mom is impressed by his courage to follow his own path at such a young age. 
“When you own a business, it requires 24/7 attention. That leaves little time for goofing off,” she said. 
“It’s been really fun to watch Lucas light up and see how happy he is. Did we guide him and give advice, weigh the pros and cons of opening a store versus a ‘traditional’ path after high school – of course. Dylan and I own our own businesses, and we both have been in our industries for over 25 years. 
“Teaching Lucas how to grow a business from the very beginning has been so rewarding. The best part of this ride is showing our children that when you have an idea, a dream, you can make anything happen if you really want it and you work hard.”
With his desire to own his own business and the encouragement from his parents, Taylor is already scoring points in the community.
Lowcountry local Kellye Holdridge is excited about the new business. “The popularity of this type of store is huge among many people. I know it will do great!”  
Holdridge shopped at the store over the Christmas season and purchased some baby Nikes. “They are so cute that these are tennis shoes that we will put in a keepsake shadow box. Who knows if the baby will even get to wear them, ha-ha!" 
“It’s more than just a sneaker store,” she said. “They also have selections that you have to search for and most of the time can’t find. I would recommend Kick It Kicks to everyone looking for a unique store to buy those one-of-a-kind tennis shoes or T-shirts.”
Mary Ann Mottola has followed Taylor for years and it comes as no surprise that he opened a business. “I am so proud of Lucas Taylor. I have known Lucas for 12 years and to see him own his own business at such a young age is impressive,” she said. 
“He comes from a family of entrepreneurs and artists so it shouldn’t be surprising. It looks amazing and they have a unique, contemporary selection and hip vibe in the store. I bought a vintage T-shirt but plan to buy some cool sneakers for myself and for my son.” 
Mottola appreciates the selection of both new and vintage fashions at the store. “It has a fun vibe in the store, and you can look for a long time because there are so many one-of-a-kind shoes and apparel.”
On March 23, Kick it Kicks will hold a Grand Opening featuring exciting raffles, giveaways, and mystery boxes. 
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