Meet the Merchant: Taking Dumps meets purging needs of Lowcountry

Need help making a smooth move, cleaning up after household construction projects, seasonal storms clean up, or just getting rid of junk? Then you might need to try Taking Dumps — a new local dumpster rental business.
Owners Taylor Adams and Carl Jenkins came up with the idea of a dumpster business last year when Adams, who also owns the Lowcountry home improvement business, Holy City Handyman, was stuck in his guest room with COVID-19. 
Living in the area with all the moves, storm debris, and renovations happening, the two saw the need for dumpsters. The duo knew they could fill a niche by providing residents with an efficient way to get rid of waste. 
After they came up with a business plan to provide drop-off trailers, both Adams and Jenkins knew they needed to come up with a name that would immediately grab someone’s attention and provide a laugh. 
Each of their dumpsters has a name relating to “Taking Dumps.” Number 2 and Double Burrito usually get a couple of chuckles from the other drivers while enroute to their next dumping destination.
“We decided to use smart satire hoping the joke would be understood and not offensive. People absolutely remember funny. It’s pretty common for people to pass us laughing or taking pictures of our dumpsters as we drive around town,” Adams said.
The owners say Taking Dumps’ 14-cubic-yard trailer is the best option for most residential-type projects. It can fit in most home driveways but can still hold the equivalent of six pickup truck beds.
Taking Dumps’ first job was on Superbowl Sunday to a resident who listed their house on a whim and sold it the next day! The customer needed relief immediately and Taking Dumps was the remedy needed for a smooth move. Because Taking Dumps is local and not a chain, they’re able to provide quick services most competitors can’t.
“Being small and new, we have been able to drop one off very quickly, sometimes within hours in an emergency. Also, we live here so it’s nice doing business with someone you know, whose kids have played ball with your kids, someone who you’ve had in your house through Taylor’s other small handyman business,” Jenkins explained. 
Daniel Island customer Lee Propes used Taking Dumps twice, for a move and a purge. Propes said the crew from Taking Dumps went above and beyond. 
“My delivery was instant even with late notice. These guys work and aim to please. They also checked in and asked if there was anything they could do to help. Great customer service and great follow through…I honestly cannot say enough about this company and these two gentlemen.”
If you need a dumpster for your dumps, go to or check out for a variety of handyman help.
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