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Pump up on the Daniel Island, Clements Ferry corridor
Exercising doesn’t look the same for everyone – what’s fun and muscle-building for one person may be a grind for someone else.
When it comes to working out, it can be tough to find a space that fosters community and offers programs tailored to your body type and schedule. Bonus points for the non-judgmental gyms that fully embrace the sweat and messy buns.

A recent Daniel Island News survey revealed residents are in search of a local gym. 
31% of residents want access to a 24/7 gym.
21% seek an expanded public facility with more workout space.
18% are looking for a small, locally-owned gym for cardio and weight training.
1% use their condo/apartment complex as a gym space.
30% chose “other.”
Complete results with comments are online at 
Fortunately, Daniel Island and Clements Ferry are home to many opportunities for exercise.
From weightlifting, personal training, dance fitness, and boxing classes, we’ve rounded up the gyms and fitness offerings around the area.
Daniel Island Fitness, 145 River Landing Drive
Daniel Island Fitness stands out for its holistic, longevity-focused approach to wellness. By emphasizing personalized programs and health assessments, the gym targets strength, cardiovascular fitness, and lean body mass while measuring muscle mass, bone density, and fat distribution.
“By focusing on long-term health and fitness, we ensure that our members stay active, energetic, and healthier for longer, setting Daniel Island Fitness apart as a true health and fitness hub in the community,” trainer Troy DeChenne said.
The gym offers personal and partner training, small group fitness, large group bootcamps, and nutritional planning.
Discovery Health and Fitness, 115 Pier View St.
With a mission to make Daniel Island the “Fittest, Happiest Town in America,” Robert VanNewkirk founded Discovery Health and Fitness in 2009 after decades of coaching and athletics.
His motto? Show up, work hard, have fun, feel amazing.
“We built our gym so people on Daniel Island could have a gathering place a short walk, bike, or golf cart ride away from their homes and offices,” its website reads. “A place where they can get together with like-minded folks seeking a healthy lifestyle.”
The gym offers group classes and personal training, along with specialized programs like CrossFit, Rock Steady Boxing, and Forever Fit for seniors.
Each weekday is full of group training sessions and open gym times, and the gym is closed on Sundays. 
WeightSpace, 2500 Clements Ferry Road
WeightSpace takes the wait out of weighting. To avoid the frustration of crowded gyms, founder Rick Coe created WeightSpace to welcome weightlifters to their own space, on their own time.
Each private gym space is equipped with everything needed for a proper pump, including a dual-arm cable system, a full rack with a barbell and plates, and dumbbells ranging from five to 50 pounds.
“We’re the only gym offering private workouts by reservation,” Coe said. “No more fighting crowds just to get your workout in.”
Snap Fitness, 1184 Clements Ferry Road
Snap Fitness is a 24/7-open gym that offers personal training and equipment ranging from cardio-focused workouts to strength training. The locally-owned business welcomes members at any level of their fitness journey and promotes exercise that boosts your mood and self-esteem.
“We love being able to serve Clements Ferry,” said Becky Wollenberg, co-owner of Snap Fitness. “It’s great for us to connect with members of the community, especially the new families moving here and high schoolers training here for sports. They come in and have a great relationship with our trainers.”
Charleston Athletes, owner’s home garage
In 2022, island resident Zack Uher started hosting workouts from his home garage. Thus, Charleston Athletes was born.
With a garage full of squat racks, benches, barbells, and rowers, Uher offers group sessions and personal training on weekdays to other residents who are all about teamwork and self-improvement.
The group has built in numbers and stamina. Uher said his clients don’t just experience weight loss and muscle gains – they also meet neighbors who turn into friends.
“I’m a big believer in pushing one another,” Uher said. “As we say in the gym, ‘If you’re going to spend the time working out, let’s get the most out of it!’” 
Kill’n It Fitness, 65 Fairchild St.
Kill’n It Fitness is a mobile gym that offers every piece of equipment needed for a good workout, minus a roof over your head.
Mostly parked at Blackbaud, the mobile trailer carries everything from squat racks, pull-up bars, dumbbells, and more.
Along with group training, the trainers also hold BootCamp sessions, strength training, and personal training.
Owner Dylan Kill has watched clients go from being out of shape to squatting over 100 pounds, noting their mental transformations as well. He credits it to the center’s core value: care.
“Our members are not just a number to us,” Kill said. “We truly care about each individual and want them to live an optimal lifestyle and to hit their goals, whatever their goals are!”
Peace Love Hip Hop, 115 Pier View St.
Take what you think about dance and fitness and throw it out the window. 
Founded in 2007, Angel Roberts created Peace Love Hip Hop to offer accessible street dance classes for all ages and skill levels.
Incorporating dance with fitness, the studio includes heart-pounding warm-ups and core-strengthening cooldowns in every session. By combining dance routines with core workouts, you will sweat away any doubts that dancing is not a workout.
Ospure Karate, 295 Seven Farms Drive
Since 2003, Osupurē Karate has been providing the Daniel Island area with Wado Ryu Karate instruction to overcome physical and emotional challenges.
Founder Sensei Glenn Raus currently teaches youth and family karate, though he said this fall he will begin an adults-only class called Low Impact Karate Kata Exercise (LIKKE). 
“Karate is a full-body fitness workout unto itself,” he said. “Very similar to Tai Chi with some body weight strength training added, this class would be ideal for adults and seniors looking to build or maintain core and leg strength, improve balance and coordination, and relieve stress.”
Breathe Pilates, 125 River Landing Drive
At Breathe Pilates Studio & Spa, the focus is on simplicity and holistic wellness. Featuring Balanced Body equipment and Fusion Pilates for pre- and postnatal members, owner Elizabeth Bridwell and trainers offer private sessions, studio memberships, and class packages. Classes are taught daily on the reformer, mat, tower, and wunda chair.
Coastal Body Studio, 412 Amalie Farms Drive
Founded by Charleston native Lindsay Jackson Ward, Coastal Body Studio blends Pilates with rigorous training programs. Ward’s background as a professional dancer infuses her teaching with passion and expertise, ensuring clients achieve results while preventing injury.
Daily programs are intended to increase energy levels, improve posture and balance, enhance core stability, and develop lean muscles. 
The Bar Method, 211 River Landing Drive
The Bar Method wants to take you from chaotic to calm. The studio offers daily group classes including Bar Method, Bar Strength, Bar Cardio, and Bar Flow. Classes are based on the science of barre: high repetition, low-impact resistance training designed to maximize burn and minimize joint impact.
Designed by physical therapists, the interval format of each class elevates your heart rate while building cardiovascular and muscle endurance, said owner Molly Dunn. The studio offers a personalized approach creating familiarity and transforming bodies and minds.
“There is a lot to love about serving Daniel Island,” Dunn said. “There is an incredible energy to this area. We’ve enjoyed being a part of a thriving little city and providing a well-known workout to clients who are moving to Charleston from all over.” 

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