Pom Pom and Franny

Local parent answers call, creates Christian- based TV series
Nelliefield Plantation resident Chris Langlois aspired to be a super dad. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck in 2020, he was fully prepared to juggle it all as a work-from-home entrepreneur. 
While simultaneously caring for his two-year-old daughter, teaching his four-year-old daughter who had been attending Philip Simmons Elementary School, continuing his responsibilities as a husband, and answering to the demands of a fast-paced career, Langlois quickly realized he wasn’t superhuman after all. 
Plan B was put into action. The family decided each day, the children would be permitted to watch a movie so that the adults could focus on work and home issues.
One afternoon, the plan failed miserably. 
Amanda, Langlois’ wife, warned him that the girls should never be permitted to watch a particular program because the content didn’t align with their values. She provided a laundry list of reasons for banning it from being shown in their home. 
Chris Langlois reminisced he was filled with “dad shame and guilt” when he realized he had already allowed his daughters to watch the same inappropriate movie without qualifying it ahead of time. 
His mistake led him to a pathway of spiritual connections and a new business venture fueled by faith. 
Langlois explained, “I went on this crusade to find value and Christian-based content to reinforce many of our family values and I quickly realized there wasn’t much out there. What was available lacked the quality to maintain our daughters’ attention. It was to the point where friends pointed us to a set of DVDs…I hadn’t owned a DVD player in more than 10 years!”
Soon after, Langlois was introduced to Ben Davis, CEO of Moondog Animation Studio based in Mount Pleasant. Moondog is a media company that combines old-fashioned storytelling with evolving technology to produce films, 4D programs, and interactive amusement. 
The connection was made through an elder in Langlois’ men’s small group at Seacoast Church. “This was what I called my first ‘cookie crumb’ on this journey led by the Holy Spirit,” Langlois said. 
When Langlois met Davis, they discovered they had something in common: a mutual interest in creating fresh content that brings Christianity into the foreground. A partnership was brewing. 
Langlois explained his mission, “Today’s culture is confused largely due to the ease of viewing and amount of inappropriate content that has been available to flood our children’s minds if left unchecked.”
He continued, “Parents, grandparents, and other caregivers have voiced their frustration that the pendulum has swung too far with content. We are here to fill that void and be a solution for parents to further build their foundation and principles they are instilling in their children.”
Davis added, “There is a large amount of subpar Christian content produced that never goes mainstream because the quality doesn’t live up to today’s discerning audience’s expectations. Fortunately, this has also created an opportunity for companies like Moondog who already have a proven track record.” 
Funding was the next hurdle for Langlois. Months went by, and then after a casual conversation, a friend suggested he contact Capstone Legacy Foundation out of Philadelphia, which helps faith-based entities set up foundations and Donor Advised Funds. It was a perfect fit. Langlois created a new organization, Valor Heritage Foundation, to pool tax deductible donations together and invest them into projects for Christian programming. 
Fast forward to 2024. 
Today, Langlois and Davis are putting the finishing touches on the first animated series funded by Valor Heritage: “Pom Pom and Franny.” The plot is based on the hit book series “Fruit That Lasts” by Kristi Smith and Nena Jackson. 
“Pom Pom and Franny” centers around the theme that children are our greatest legacy and values like wisdom, respect, and friendship are passed on from generation to generation. The show follows the adventures of two little fruit trees who encounter a variety of challenges that reveal what is most important in life. They are influenced by their grandmothers, who help them learn with a bit of humor, a lot of wisdom, and heaps of Southern charm.
Davis described “Pom Pom and Franny” as a fun and colorful show with characters who are relatable with their distinct personalities and quirks. He continued, “What’s truly unique about this show is its multi-generational watchability combined with refreshing values-forward storytelling. It is designed to appeal to all viewers, not just the Christian community.”
The animated series will air later this year. Langlois is engaging with streaming services such as Peacock, Netflix, Hulu, Angel, and a new service which is being launched called Kingdom. 
The next project in the pipeline is another collaboration with Moondog: an animated series about the Parables of Jesus. Future plans include faith-based gaming applications and virtual reality experiences. 
As Langlois continues to follow the “cookie crumbs” placed on his path, he says his vision is clear: to serve Christians and share the Gospel by facilitating projects that create high-quality, wholesome content. 
To learn more, visit valorheritage.com. 

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