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Did New Year’s sneak by without you remembering to make earth-shaking resolutions? Not to worry.  I have a suggestion for a resolution for you that is not only a pleasure but also physically beneficial in its outcomes. I have in mind the senior Health Screenings at East Cooper Medical, which I have faithfully patronized for all of the seven years I’ve lived on the Island.

Let’s make something clear from the beginning. These are medical screenings, not in-depth medical tests. Take your cholesterol as an example. The idea is that you keep your total cholesterol below a 200 reading. The East Cooper screening shows it at 190 or maybe 220. Time to panic? Not at all. It is, however, time to give prompt attention to your condition. The appropriate action is to contact your primary care physician for an in-depth blood test, which will confirm a cause for concern or suggest dietary attention without necessarily prescription action. The East Cooper screenings put you a step ahead of your health situation whatever it may be.

A screening is an alert -- or possibly a reassurance. It is available at East Cooper Medical Center on designated days simply by making a phone appointment. You go to the Center, sign in, expect to be called in ten minutes or less, a pin prick in your finger, the slide is put in the reader and within a couple of minutes you have the result in writing. A copy is also sent by East Cooper to your primary physician to be included in your medical record.

Never mind your wallet, your checkbook, Medicare or your supplementary insurance. This program is offered to seniors by East Cooper totally without any charge of any kind to you or anyone else. About that New Year’s resolution, how about committing to take advantage of this service? It keeps you in touch with basic dimensions of your medical condition in a convenient, easy way. Further, you will enjoy the company of the professional "crew" that performs the screenings. No long faces here or pious posturing. Just a jolly group doing an important job for your benefit and making the screening experience a warmly pleasant social event.

The menu of screenings, roughly one a month, covers a wide range of considerations such as Osteoporosis -- not just a woman’s affliction, guys -- Cholesterol, Diabetes, Prostrate (both blood and digital rectal), Colon Cancer, Peripheral Vascular Disease and more. For more information, a calendar of 2011 screenings or an appointment, phone Shirley Nilson at 843/416-6271.

Most New Year’s resolutions are a joke. With whatever seriousness or noble intention you mouth them they have about as much hold on you as your next breath -- and about the same duration. The East Cooper Screenings are different. They ask so little of you and give so much to you that they are the ideal New Year’s resolution. I’ll look for you and perhaps your spouse at the next screening. The life you protect could be your own.

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