Island Firefighter Offers Backflow Testing

Cross Connection.  If you have an irrigation system then chances are you’ve heard this term. Cross Connection is a direct connection between the public water system and its customers. CPW’ s Cross Connection program is designed to protect the public water from contamination through back flow. 

***image1***Backflow means non-potable water or other liquids flowing from the customer’s water system back into the clean public water. This can happen several ways, a large building complex may have a water pump to boost the pressure for it’s fire sprinkler systems, this will create an increase in pressure on the customer’s side, pushing water back into the public’s water system. It can also be caused by a loss of pressure at the supply point  (a water main break) this is called Backsiphonage. Without some kind of backflow preventer, these cross connections would allow contaminates into our drinking water.

There are several different backflow preventers available, depending on the degree of hazard. Most residential irrigation systems here on Daniel Island have what is called a pressure vacuum breaker (PVB) or a reduced pressure principle assembly (RP). The PVB is designed to close with the help of a spring when the flow stops. It also has an air inlet valve designed to open when pressure inside the irrigation system reaches 1 psi so that the contaminated liquid (fertilizers, chemical  & biological waste) will not be siphoned back into our drinking water. The RP is an assembly consisting of two check valves and a relief vent. This assembly is general used when the PVB cannot be installed 12 inches above the highest sprinkler head. 

CPW requires that these devices be tested annually so not to fall in disrepair.

I’m a firefighter here on Daniel Island & in my spare time I test  & repair these devices. My price to test is $30 if you need a test performed on your back flow my phone number is 843-763-0941, you can fax your paperwork to 843-769-6273, or my e-mail is

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