Nothing trivial about us

Not very many people know this, but it was my idea to start a regular trivia night at our favorite venue. I pestered them so much that it finally happened.
The first name chosen for our group was “The Boomers.” You can tell where we fall in the age range by that name!
Over the last few years we have gone through several names and this year we decided to select one that does not depict our ages. Not that age is a negative thing when it comes to trivia. Collectively, we know a lot! We all kind of have our own cache of special knowledge with lots of crossover. Together we are a force. I love these people.
We come to trivia night early to order food and drinks. We sort of play the “old card” and almost always get the best table, not in the sun and easy access because, well, we’re old.  
Another age perk: The trivia masters, (I have no idea what we are supposed to call them. I may have made up trivia masters – can’t remember) usually walk over to see if we would like them to repeat any of the questions. We often don’t need them to, but we have them do it anyway to get more time. We are sly like that.
Trivia can be a truly humbling experience. There are many subjects that I know a lot about, but there are a lot more that I know very little about. Modulator/demodulators? Even our science whizzes didn’t know that was a modem!  
And where do they get these sports questions? We literally have people on our team that know everything about sports all the way back to, well, when boomers were born, so how is it possible they come up with something our team doesn’t know? 
My best subjects: baseball, tennis, TV, fashion, music, food and cooking (I even know terms like sous vide and mise en place) and they still stump me. 
Movies? We’ve got them covered although sometimes bringing in a ringer, like a grandchild perhaps, might be helpful. The age of the trivia masters is important and is never ours.
But we go. We love it. Our brain power is enhanced and we have a blast. 
When my husband, a retired OB-GYN, stands up and announces that it’s time to leave because he has a patient in labor, things may not be going as well at that moment as we would like. But my optimism keeps me hoping for a question about any and every player in the
Detroit Tigers’ 1963 lineup. I remember the smell and taste of the fresh roasted peanuts like it was yesterday. I remember that Al Kaline was number six, Norm Cash was number 25, Rocky Colavito did calisthenics with his bat and Jake Wood could always be counted on to steal bases.  
I doubt if the trivia masters remember that, or if they would even recognize the name of the book I am currently reading. To be fair, neither do I. 
Vicki Bernie is a freelance writer, wife, mother, grandmother, and dog person...loving “Chapter Two” on Daniel Island.

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