Reader Survey results: Insights on work-out facility options


In a recent Daniel Island News survey about Clements Ferry corridor amenities, there were numerous calls for a local gym. And following a recent closing of a DI workout business, the calls for more access were abound on social media, some calling for expansion of the Daniel Island Recreation Center workout spaces. What sort of gym or workout space would you be interested in having on the island or Cainhoy peninsula?


A chain/franchise gym that offers 24-hour access. 31%

A small, locally owned gym for cardio and weight training. 18%

An expanded public facility with more workout space. 21%

I don't need one, my condo/apartment complex has a gym.1%

Other 30%


Comments: Tell us about the type of workout you do now or what type you like best.

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• Charleston Athletes with Zack Uher


• I just joined Snap Fitness on Clements Ferry Road. Great place and staff - with 24/7 access. Highly recommend!


• Would totally pay for more workout equipment and space at the Rec Dept on DI.


• Anything really whether it's a chain or local. We just need a gym that can accommodate working out with weights, cardio and a few group classes.


• More pickleball courts indoors and would love courts outdoors as well at the Rec center.


• Affordable and welcoming gym that offers group classes, clean and has extended hours for those of us in F AND B (food and beverage).


• An affordable gym like Planet Fitness on DI would be great. Doesn't have to be Planet Fitness since there is one at Long Point. Something that has cardio and weights, and includes spin bikes would be great. Also, needs to be big enough like Planet Fitness. Affordable is the main key as I know that is why others on DI have closed. No one wants to pay the ridiculous fees.


• Gardening provides all the exercise I need. I love my bees!


• High quality treadmills or indoor track as well as indoor pool for laps that can be used year round. As well as machines that are easy to use like those at Crunch or Planet Fitness. Honestly this area needs a YMCA in all districts Daniel Island, Mount Pleasant, West Ashley and North Charleston, downtown has MUSC workout center and it’s awesome.


I would love a place that offers a variety of classes - preferably weights/cardio, spin, yoga/pilates. I’ve gone to local gyms as well as rec centers that have offered these types of classes. It’s a nice way to meet locals and feel connected to the community.


• Expanding the DI Rec Center to offer a more robust gym experience and better gym access hours.


• Classes offered at good times!! Cycling classes (I know Cyclehouse closed but I moved here 3 months before it closed…)


• I’d rather have a local gym, but I’m afraid that will be too small and overcrowded quickly. Especially with all the building going on.


• Charleston Athletes


• A big gym like Ethos in Charleston, Multiple classes & huge workout area. Sauna steam room & lots of space.


• It's a disservice to seniors who have to pay double to membership fees at Mt. Pleasant Senior Center and just because Berkeley Co. didn't feel the need to take care of their residents who live on DI. The least they could do is pay the extra (if the fee for Mt. Pleasant residents is $140 but it's $280 for DI residents, the least Berkeley Co. could do is pay the additional $140.)


• Curious that the city would fund $10 million on a rec center with more meeting space than fitness space.


• Charleston Athletes


• Charleston Athletic


• Charleston Athletes. Zack is great and the 11:30 or 5:30 p.m. sessions are worth it.


• Either option 1-3, but with the option of early morning and later hours that had free weights and racks.


• Charleston athletes pop up! Zack is amazing.


• Charleston Athletes!


• Charleston Athletes group. We work out daily with weights and outdoor cardio/crossfit routines.


• Charleston Athletes!


• I’m fine with local and public facilities but these often have limited equipment and hours of operation which is why I made the choice I did.


• A full service gym that offers trading workouts and classes


• More space indoors for pickleball courts and would love to have courts outdoors as well.


• Lifting weights (strength training)


• There are no 24-hour weight lifting areas on Daniel Island itself which is a huge downside! I suppose most people just have a gym in their own house.


• Free weights indoors


• Cross-fit, cardio, free weights


• Weight training


• Open gym format with free weight. Preferred workout is weight lifting with a mix of cardio


• Cardio and weights


• Lifting, body weight work and cardio.


• Circuit training, mix of cardio and strength training


• Mix of weights and cardio. Group workout


• Great instructors that offer classes!


• High Intensity Interval Training!!


• Cardio, free weights, turf area. Open by 6 a.m.


• Weights training 4-5 times a week


• I like to workout on my own with free weights and at any time 7-7 p.m.


• Weights and machines please


• Free weights.


• Cardio, free weights, weight machines – the basics


• Cardio and weights. Was very disappointed to find the DI recreation center was so limited and decided not to join.


• Les Mills workouts and spin classes, specific to Point Hope end of Clements Ferry.


• We just need a good old gym that offers childcare, like Crunch.


• Weights and machines including treadmills and bikes on Daniel Island.




• Weight training.


• Weight lifting and cardio Charleston Athletic has both. The trainer is the best.


• Group exercise classes


• Zack with Charleston Athletes provides a great work out for all abilities and skill levels. Great atmosphere and the 5:30 session provides an opportunity for those that don’t work remotely.


• Power and general weight lifting that requires both bench and racks and dumbbells.


• A variety. Weights, kettlebells, TRX And classes: HIIT, yoga


• Weight training, barbell, Olympic lifts, dumbbells, CrossFit, cardio rowing/assault bike, yoga


• I prefer a traditional gym that isn’t just class focused or personal training focused that I can access preferably 24-7 (and is locally owned) similar to Palmetto Pump House and Pivotal.


• CHS Athletes covers a range of workouts which I love. CrossFit, lifts, cardio etc.


• Strength training, HIIT, CrossFit-ish workouts


• cardio warm up followed by strength training


• Weight training


• Weights + Crossfit


• Heavy lifts, cardio, HIIT


• Weights + Crossfit


• Heavy lifts, cardio, HIIT


• Weight training


• Group power hour, step aerobics, weight training, yoga, HIIT, Zumba!


• Free Weights and weight machines


• Weight training, classes, cardio.


• Gym weights and machines followed by cardio via treadmill or elliptical.


• Yoga please!!!


• Pilates, yoga, classes with a big space for classes so there isn’t a waiting list to get into classes.


• CrossFit w/ Hybrid


• Combination of cardio (elliptical/rowing machine) and strength training on a daily basis.


• Weights cardio and yoga


• Treadmill, nu-step machines and balance, stretch & toning exercise classes


• Weight lifting, HIIT, and barre sometimes


• Strength and cardio classes


• Weights and cardio equipment


• Cardio and weight machines in a nice spot would be awesome!


• I like yoga and Pilates, but my husband likes free weights & machines.


• Strength training


• Cardio - recumbent bike and rowing machines. Free weights



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